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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Poland: "We are strong"

Polish coash Karol Janaszewski and captain Maciej Krzywiecki

Mr. Karol Janaszewski – Poland Head Coach: "Very happy to win the first match, considering that our game was almost perfect in first two sets and our block was dominant. But we lost concentration and we lowered intensity in the following sets.  In the tie break our game came back and we beat Cuba”

Mr. Maciej Krzywiecki – Poland Team Captain: “We already obtained the first triumph, now we are going to think about the next opponent Iran that is our next opponent and is an team that has demonstrated to be strong in the last World Championship. Our team is ready to face Iran tomorrow”

Mr. Manuel Espinosa Yanez – Cuba Head Coach: “The many errors in the service and the attack were our great enemy. We did not have matches before arriving and this was another factor”

Mr. Wilfredo León – Cuba Team Captain: "We must forget this match and tomorrow play with much force to defeat Puerto Rico”