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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Mexico: "Very important victory"

Mr. Jorge Azair – Mexico Head Coach:  “Very important victory, now we qualified to play for the ninth place. This Egypt performance was great, congratulations for the team, after bad first and third sets, the instructions changed and finally we won. But tomorrow we will have agreat match against Puerto Rico. I prepared my players for that match and worked hard”

Mr. Leonardo Manzo – Mexico Team Captain: “Very happy. We only need one more victory and ready to the next round”

Mr. Francisco Enriquez – Mexico Player: “Egypt played very good, surprised our team, because they changed the game system. Maybe we could define in less thatn five sets. But happy with the victory and ready for the next opponent”.

Mr. Hany Meselhy  – Egypt Assistant Coach: “IWe will continue working, this is a young team, and each match is a new experience for us. Today my players presented a great performance, I hope great future for this team”.

Mr. Youssef Raafat – Egypt Team Captain: “Mexico played good. This game is other experience to our team. Against USA we will go for the best in all match”