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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Historic victory of Argentina over Brazil


Captain Murilo Radke: "We only have to continue battling the rest of the tournament. We have to keep going forward. Argentina played a great match."

Head Coach Antonio Marcos Lerba: "Argentina has played very well. Yesterday we lost a very important player (Silva) for our reception system and I could not find a player to replace him doing a good job. Tonight, the serves or Argentina were very good and we had problems in our reception. But this is a world championship with a lot of good teams. Our team is a good one but we have not played well in this tournament. But that is the sport. Today was not the day of Brazil."


Captain Rodrigo Aschemacher: ""We knew it was going to be a tough match but we controlled the blocking and the defence and the score shows it. We now are thinking about tomorrow because we don’t want to stop here."

Head Coach Juan Cichello: "It is the first victory of Argentina over Brazil in one official competition, so this is something historic. I know they missed a very important player, but we also played very well. We all know the quality of the Brazilian volleyball because we learn from them and I have a great deal of respect for Brazil. Now we want to continue dreaming about going further in this world championship."