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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Germany: "We are waiting for Russia"

Mr. Ben Romdhane Hichem – Tunisia Head Coach: “My team played very well, we concentrated for this match, yesterday my team studied the German game, we worked good the block. But in the end luck was not with my team”

Mr.  Elyes Kamarosly – Tunisia Team Captain: “Tomorrow we will be ready to face Cuba, our mind is to play hard and totally concentrated”

Mr. Söhnke HINZ – Germany Head Coach: “Maybe my team played the worst match in the championship, during all the match we had no concentration and desire to play, this is a very long championship and today it was not our day. After evaluating all it is a very good the victory”.

Mr. Denys Kaliberda – Germany Team Captain: “Happy after winning the second match in the pool. Now we will face the best team here in Mexicali. Russia is a strong team, but my team is ready for this important match in the route to the ninth place”