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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Mexico: "This was a very important victory"

Mr. Jorge Azair – Mexico Head Coach: “A very important victory, but my team needs to play more consistant. Always is great to beat USA, but now we will concentrate for tomorrow to face Egypt and take a important step to fight the ninth place”

Mr. Leonardo Manzo – Mexico Team Captain: “This is an important victory for us. Now we will continue working hard for the next match. Tomorrow against Egypt is crucial for our aspirations to the ninth place”.

Mr. Tolentino Reyes – USA Head Coach: “We had good moments, but the faults affected to us. We are going to continue working hard so this has not finished. All match both teams made mistakes in different moments in service and reception, but in the last set Mexico server better that the difference”.

Mr.  Murphy Troy – USA Team Captain: “We could not maintain the control, this lose mades us very disappointed. Now tomorrow we will have a great game against Puerto Rico again, we must forget tonights match and battle to beat Puerto Rico”