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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Argentineans keep alive their dream


Captain Mandeep Singh: “We placed very well during the first set but after that we seemed out of confidence when the set reached the 20 point mark. We could not play well after being competitive in the opening set.”

Head Coach Bir Singh Yadav: “Argentina played very well especially in defence and counterattacks. Our strategy did not work and for three or four points we were at the same level of Argentina. My players looked some kind lethargic in the fourth set.”


Captain Rodrigo Aschemacher: “I think we controlled the rhythm of the game and our defence worked well. We capitalized some of their mistakes and now we only have to keep moving forward in this round.”

Head Coach Juan Cichello: “”We are very happy with this result. The players did a great effort fighting for every ball against a rival as India who was unbeaten until today. We could close the sets and now we have two pretty good rivals in Brazil and Iran to keep alive our dream of being among the last four teams.”