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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
France beat Poland by committing less errors


Captain Maciej Krzwiecki: "Th first four sets were very close but in the fifth one we committed many mistakes and it cost us. I think the main thing was the errors we made with our serves. But France won the match and deserved the victory."

Head Coach Karol Janaszewski: "Congratulations to France for a deserved win. We made too many errors in serving and spiking, especially in the tie-breaker. We not only failed in our serves but did not play good defence either."


Captain Benjamin Toniutti: "We have played many times in the European competitions so we know each other very well. We won today because we followed the instructions of our coach. It was not a match of great level, but I am content and satisfied being the winners."

Head Coach Jocelyn Trillon: "I agree on the issue of the many errors committed by the Poland team. They are a great team and the next time we face each other, the team who makes lesser errors will win the match. I am very happy about starting the second round with a victory."