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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
It is a very important victory for the Iranian Volleyball


Captain Murilo Radke: "We wasted many opportunities in our counter attacks and could not close the sets when we needed. Congratulations for Iran, a team with a lot of power compared to the France team which has many skills."

Head Coach Antonio Marcos Lerba: "Iran played very well today. We lost a good player in the third set with a leg injury (Mauricio Silva) and that complicated our reception. I hope to win the next two matches of this round and advance to the semi finals."


Captain Ashkan Derakhshan: "I am happy because we won this close match against a team like Brazil. At the end we took advantage of their little mistakes. Congratulations to the Brazilian team, because they also played a good match."

Head Coach Cvetkovic Jovica: "This is an important victory for the Iranian volleyball and this group of players has a great future. I really believe Brazil will be one of the teams in the semi finals. My team showed great psychological strength by winning the third set after being 22-24. I think that was the key for us tonight."