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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Iran: "We will battle for the championship"

Cuban coach and captain during the press conference

Mr. Jovica Cvetkovic – Iran Head Coach: “Cuba played very good, but to us this match is only to complete the round. Now we will work hard in the next round, our goal is to qualify to the semi final and battle to the championship”

Mr. Ashkan Derakhshan – Iran Team Captain: “We needed to remove from our mind this lose and begin to analyze the next round”

Mr. Manuel Espinosa Yanez – Cuba Head Coach: “This is a great victory to finish the round and start the concentration for the next pool. Maybe my team is the youngest of the tournament and I trust that they will go with more confidence to next round”

Mr. Wilfredo León – Cuba Team Captain: “Very happy to end the round with a victory, now we will focus in the next round. Our goal is to finish in ninth place”.