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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Press Conference MEX vs. IND


Player Martin Petris: "I think we played good during the first two sets which were very close indeed but slowly our intensity decreased. I think we are going on the right way and we will play better in Mexicali."

Head Coach Jorge Azair: "I think we played against a team of more maturity. Their experience was the key starting in the third set. I liked the way we closed the second set. Now we are going to Mexicali to play also against strong teams. The good thing about this format is that every team has the chance of continuing to play and get more experience."


Captain Mandeep Singh: "It was a good match-up for the first two sets. The victory is good coming against the host team. Now we are in the next level and we hope to improve with the tournament."

Head Coach Bir Singh Yadav: "Our main goal was to be among the top eight teams and we have achieved that objective. We have to keep winning in the next round and I hope the next two days will be good for my team to get used to the local conditions and to recover from our long trip of 48 hours to arrive in Mexico."