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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Iran: "My players always have a good mentality

Sad Polish coach and captain

Mr. Jovica Cvetkovic – Iran Head Coach: “My players always have a good mentality and that was a factor for the triumph. It was a very difficult match, but we played hard in the end to profit the result”

Mr. Ashkan Derakhshan – Iran Team Captain: “Happy with the victory, today we defeated one of the best teams in this championship. Also we thank the Mexican fans for the support all night”

Mr. Karol Janaszewski – Poland Head Coach: “Bad match for my team. During all the game the big problem was the service, that inconsistency was the key to lose the tie break”.

Mr. Maciej Krzywiecki – Poland Team Captain: “Tomorrow we have a very important game against Puerto Rico, that match is crucial to advance to the next round”.