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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Mandeep Singh scores 30 as India defeated Belgium

Indian Mandeep Singh celebrates one of his 30 points

India led 8-4 at the first pause towed by Captain Mandeep Singh with thunderous spikes. Belgium then capitalized several opponents errors, mixed with the spikes of Bram Van den Dries and Pierter Verhees to take the lead at 11-10 and expand it to 16-12 at the second technical stop. India cut the distance 16-14 with spike and block by Sanjamanath Girigoud and Singh and finally tied at 20-all with a laser shot by Negi Vinod. At 21-21, Kevin Klinkenberg gave the lead to Belgium but his serve crashed in the net for a new evened score. Van den Dries and Mandeep exchanged spikes, and the Belgian duo of Van den Dries and Klinkenberg produced the last two spikes for the 25-23 victory.

India again led at the first stop this time by score of 8-3 with Belgium facing problems to attack and Mandeep aided by Kumar and Naveen Raja Jacob and also good defence. The Europeans narrowed the gap to 11-8 but India came back regained the difference and was on top 16-11 when the serve of Van den Dries stayed against the net. The Belgians came within two-points (19-17) with a block by Klinkenberg followed by spike of Van Hirtum, but Singh hit one for India. With India in front 22-20, Van Hirtum spike was long and Coach Rousseaux called a time-out. Singh once again responded for India forcing another Belgian time-out with the score 24-20. One kill blocked by Navjit gave India the win 25-20.

Mandeep Singh had three spikes and a block sending India to an 8-5 lead at the first technical pause in the third set. Belgium cut the lead to just one-point at 10-9 with a kill by Van den Dries but India answered back with consecutive spikes of Singh and Navjit. Kumar and Klinkenberg traded shots at 14-11, and Singh hit a smash for a 16-12 Indian lead. Klinkenberg then led a rally to even the score at 16-all. Raja Jacob scored two consecutive shots for a 19-17 advantage for India and the distance remained the same until a missile from Mandeep provided the win 25-22.

The combination of Klinkenberg and Van den Dries gave Belgium the advantage 8-6 in the fourth set. Belgium extended the lead to 16-10 with some solid hits by Van Hirtum but India came back to tie the score at 15-all with the attacks of Naveen and one ace by Ankit. One Indian error in serve gave Belgium the 16-15 advantage at the second stop. At 20-all, Van Hirtum gave Belgium the lead with a smash from the left side but India tied up again via Mandeep. After a kill too long by Van den Dries, Belgium called a time-out and when action resumed Kumar followed with two aces for a 24-21 lead and Mandeep blocked one for the triumph.