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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Belgium defeated Mexico 3-0

Van den Dries (1) and Van de Voorde conformed a high wall

In the first set, Belgium took a 6-2 lead with a flurry of spikes led by Kevin Klinkenberg and was ahead 8-2 with the aid of two Mexicans errors. The Europeans expanded the distance to a huge 16-6 and this time was Van den Dries who carried his team. The duo of Bram Van den Dries and Klinkenberg continued doing the job and the host fans were animated by the spikes of Francisco Enriquez and Leonardo Manzo. One spike by Ruben Van Hirtum closed the action 25-17 in favour of Belgium.

In the second set, Belgium was carried out to a 7-3 lead by the dynamic duo of Klinkenberg and Van de Dries and led 8-7 at the pause, but not before watching Mexico tying the score at 7-all behind two serves of Enriquez and a block by Gilberto Ruiz. The Belgians widened the gap to 16-10 this time with the help of Simon Van de Voorde and continued to add with the combined effort of Van de Dries and Pieter Verhees for a 21-12 advantage. The set ended 25-15.

Belgium took the lead 8-6 in the third set with both teams missing several serves. With the score at 8-7, Klinkenberg and Van den Dries stretched the lead to 10-7 by consecutive kills and when the second pause arrived it found Belgium in front 16-12. Mexico narrowed the gap at 16-15 with a block by Enriquez combined with an ace by Barajas. Enriquez produced the tie with a spike but Klinkenberg responded for Belgium. It was Enriquez again providing for the tie at 17-all. At 18-all, Mexican Carlos Ruval served long and the setter Barajas mishandled a volley for the Belgian two-point lead at 20-18. Attack by Klinkenberg and block by Verhees gave Belgium a 23-19 advantage. Mexico neared at 24-22 but Van de Voorde closed the set 25-22.