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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
France wins their first world youth medal ever defeating Argentina 3-1

France celebrates their first world youth medal ever

The first set was fought point by point until France gets the 8-7 leading in the first technical time out through Cedric Benoit and Guillaume Quesque spikes and blocks. But Argentina immediately draws 9-9 thanks to the power of Rodrigo Ronda. The French boys maintain the rhythm until 16-14. Nicolas Bruno went in for Argentina to help the defense and this modification was very useful because the South Americans approached in the score, but not enough to stop the French first set victory 25-20 due the powerful blocking of Kevin Le Roux.

The second set saw a transformed Argentina that went ahead 6-3 and 8-4 with a great captain Rodrigo Aschemacher. Then Facundo Conte and Pablo Hruby collaborated with some points to reach 16-6 against a disorientated French squad. Libero Franco Lopez made some spectacular moves in the Argentine defense giving much confidence to his team-mates and the set went 20-10. Martin Jambon from France gave his team a few points but the boys of Juan Cichello wanted to win, and they did 25-18.

In the third set the high-spirited Argentina team continues focused in the bronze medal leading 4-0 and 8-5. But the French also wanted the glory and managed to draw 12-12 with an outstanding Maxime Poyer in the blocking that gave three more points to the European team 15-12 and continue leading 16-14. France put pressure and advance 21-17, until the South Americans reacted with all their blocking capacity to shorten the distance 21-20 and draw 21-21. France wants it all. Guillaume Quesque 24-22, but Argentina draws 24-24 and France made a supreme effort to claim the set 26-24.

The fourth set was a decisive one. Despite the early European lead 7-3, Argentina managed to gain some points, but not enough for the first technical time out that lead France 8-6. The boys of Jocelyn Trillon were connected to the word triumph so they did not stop to think and made more points 12-8 and 14-10 with Cedric Benoit and libero Nicolas Le Jeune in great shape. The second technical time out also was for France, but with Argentine getting very close 16-13. Bravely the Argentine boys draw 17-17 with a huge Facundo Conte that also get the 19-18 lead. The set went dramatically in a row of draws 21-21 with the spikes of Nicolas Bruno and 22-22 with Sebastian Sole. The 23-23 was soon converted into a match point for France 24-23, but it was Argentina the team in front. They draw 24-24 and France gets another match point that Facundo Conte tie 25-25. Kevin Le Roux made the 26-25 with an enormous spike. A mistake gave the victory 27-25 and the bronze medal to France.