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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
China beat Russia in straight sets

Big Bian Hongmkin of China scoring on a block against Russian Dimitry Shcherbinin

Russia went ahead 8-6 in the first set as both teams had slow starts and extended the lead to 16-13 with Sergey Burtsev and Artem Volvich as the main producers. China came back to tied the score at 16-all with a kill by Fang Haoyu and one ace by Li Runming sandwiching a Russian mistake in rotation. At 20-all, and with Russia committing several errors in the setting coordination, China went long with one kill and Bezrukov and Dimitry Shcherbinin responded with spike and block for a 22-20 lead. Russia was in front 24-21 following a spike by Burtsev, but made three consecutive unforced errors produced a 24-all tie. China wasted two set-points with errors on serves but finally won the first set 28-26 with spike by Fang and one block by Wang Pengfei.

Russia jumped to a 4-1 lead in the second set with the powerful attacks by Burtsev, but China came back and was in front 8-6 at the first technical stop. The spikes by Chen Ping kept the margin at 10-8. One setting error by Russia followed by a block by Fang stretched the Chinese advantage to 12-8. Fang continued with spike and block and Kou Zhichao hit a bomb on the right side preparing the stage for a 16-9 Chinese lead. Russia climbed back and closed the distance to 17-14 with a spike by Burtsev forcing China to call a time-out. Russia came within one-point with one ace by Alexey Yashchishin and tied at 21-all with a spike by lefty Ruslan Moskvin. A long attack by Chinese Wang gave Russia the lead 22-21 but Kou tied it again with a cross-court from the right. One setting mistake by China gave Russia the lead, but Giant Bian Hongmin produced the tie at 23-23. Quick attack by big Bian and block by Li sent China to a 25-23 win.

Both teams showed improved defence in the early stages of the third set and Russia led 8-7 at the first stop benefiting from the kills of Moskvin and Alexey Markin. They extended it to 10-7 with a block and spike by Artem Volvich and Moskvin. Once again a streak of Russian errors helped out China to tie at 13-all, but spikes by Shcherbinin and Moskvin with a block by Volvich compensated the mistakes and Russia led 16-13. China came within one-point to 18-17 on the shoulders of Chen Ping and tied at 19-all with a block by Bian. One long crossed attack by lefty Moskvin gave China the lead 20-19. A long serve tied at 20-all but then China regained the lead at 23-21 with attack by Bian and a Russian error. Chen Ping produced the point 24 with a slow attack and Li finished with a block for a 25-21 China victory.