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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Argentina beat Iran in electrifying five-setter match and qualified to semifinals

Argentina played a great match against Iran

Argentine lead 8-5 and 16-12 with all the team very motivated. Nicolas Uriarte, Facundo Conte, Pablo Crer, Sebastian Sole and their team-mates played with passion for another great victory. Nevertheless Iran gave the South American some moments of good Vollyeball through Shaban Mojtaba and Ebrahim Chabokian. Argentina put more pressure and won 25-17.

In the second set Iran led 8-6 with the good work of setter Ashkan Derakshan and the solid block of Alireza Jadidi. Argentina bravely insists with their aggressive play and gets closer 13-11, but the Asian team continues leading 16-14. Argentine Pablo Hruby and libero Franco Lopez were key factors for the South American recovery. Then the passion went to the Asian side that went ahead 20-15 due the impressive blocking of  Ghiasi Mojtaba and team-mates. Also libero Golmohammad Sakhavi did a marvelous work in the defense. Iran win 25-18 the second set.

In the third set both teams fought point by point with much dedication and concentration, but Argentine lead 8-6 due a great block of captain Rodrigo Aschemacher. The Iran managed to draw 8-8, 9-9 and regain the advantage 12-9, obliging Argentina head coach Juan Cichello to ask for a time out period. Iran maintains the rhythm and went to a 16-12 lead. Argentina changed setter with Juan Maccio on the court. Nothing went different as Iran was unstoppable and lead 22-18 until the set point 25-21.

In the fourth set the South American fierce came back as Argentina lead 8-5 and 16-14 with a great show of Pablo Crer in the blocking. Iran also have new setter as Farhad Salafzoon came in and helped to shorten the difference and draw 16-16. The boys from Argentina pushed harder and went to 21-19 and 23-20 before winning 25-21 with a huge blocking work forcing a tie-breaker.

The fifth set was electrifying. Both teams went point by point with all their allowed weapons delighting the fans in Tijuana. Argentina reached first the 8-6 points and increased to 10-6 and 12-9. Iran coach asked for a time out in the last attempt to change the score. The match point came via a great block of Pablo Hruby 15-11.
The match lasted almost two hours and the best scorer was Rodrigo Ronda with 23 points.