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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Poland overpowers Cuba 3-2 in an exciting match

Poland recovered their past power

Poland succeeded to beat Cuba 3-2 (25-14, 25-13, 26-28, 22-25, 15-11) in 105 minutes in Pool D. Poland won the Youth World bronze medal back in 1999, and today showed again their past power against the Norceca team. Poland began the match with high spirit leading from the start 8-4 and then 16-12, using the different attacking skills of their captain Maciej Krzywiecki and the efficient blocks of Fabian Drzyzga. Cubans could not turn things out despite the efforts of Armando Danger and the European squad of Karol Janaszewski won the first set 25-14.

In the second set the Cubans attained many mistakes to pave the way for the Polish to continue their flight by a solid block of Przemyslaw Kasparek and Lukasz Polanski (205 cm tall). Poland led 16-10 and then 20-11. The Caribeans tried their best to save the set by improving their defense, but Europeans were faster to win 25-13.

In the third set the Norceca team corrected and pushed to 18-18, 22-22, 24-24 and 25-25 through Joao Giron (201 cm) and Rolando Cepeda. The Cubans reached the set point 27-26 and with strong spirit won this one 28-26.

Cuba tried to save the match and used their wing spiker Wilfredo Leon and his powerful diagonal spikes. Poland team committed some mistakes in defense so that they allowed Cubans to maintain hopes for a tie breaker. Cuba led 8-4 and 16-11. Lukasz  Polanski began to do his job again in spiking and blocking to allow his team short the distance 18-20 and 21-22. But it was not enough because Cuba reached the set point and won 25-22 thanks to a great team work.

In the tiebreak Poland led 8-3 by the organized back line defense by the libero Pawel Zatorski and the effective spikes of Jan Krol, and then they used their solid block to support their win 15-11. The best scorer of the match was Maciej Krzywiecki of Poland with 18 points.