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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Germany is 2-0 in Pool H

The Germans defeated Tunisia in straight sets gor their second victory

MEXICALI, Mexico, August 21, 2007.- Germany defeated Tunisia in straight sets 29-27, 25-16, 25-21 in Pool H disputing the places 9-16 of the Boys’ Youth World Championship. Having played five sets the night before, it was some kind fitting for the German team to take this one in regulation.

Germany enjoyed a rich blend of volleyball serving, blocking and attacking against the African champions. Lukas Bauer, Denis Kaliberda and Felix Isaak each had two aces with Isaak and Bauer added 3 and 2 blocks respectively.

Kaliberda with 17 points, Jonas Umlauft with 11 and Bauer with 10 were the top German scorers, while Kallel Houssem had 11 tallies for Tunisia.

In the first set, the Europeans clashed against one Tunisian team playing with great level and a lot of precision and Houssem firing spikes and also contributing to his team’s blocking. At the end, the experienced Germans took it 29-27.

In the second set, setter Jonas Hemlein established a faster tempo and it created problems to the Tunisian’s blocking. The set was one-sided for the Germans 25-16.

In the third set, Germany went in front 8-5, but Tunisia was able to come back and tied-up at 10-all. After that, the German coach Sohnke Hinz mad the adjustments and his side controlled the rest of the way for an easy win 25-21.