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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
France overcame the obstacle of Poland in five sets (25-18, 21-25, 25-13, 21-25, 15-10)

French setter Benjamin Toniutti was outstaning against Poland

The two teams alternated in the lead through most of the first set, with the French team getting the advantage 8-7, but Poland kept on fighting with Przemyslaw Kasparek in a good moment. Although their efforts, Polish could not stop at all towering Guillaume Quesque (201 cm) that was a big headache for their European collegues leading 16-10. French libero Nicolas Le Jeune was also a crucial element for taking the first set easily 25-18.

In the second set France continued to put pressure with their serving, denying the Polish players any wide lead in the score, with Earwin Ngapeth and Cedric Benoit scoring for their colors. But Poland has their own tactics so they managed to draw 5-5 and lead 8-5 thanks spiker Mateusz Jasinski. The strong service of French captain Benjamin Toniutti helped to short the difference at that moment. Polish Lukasz Polanski answered in the same way successfully to lead 16-11. Poland did not lost the rhythm and won the sets 25-21 to draw the match.

The European champion of Coach Jocelyn Trillon had moments of inspiration in the third set leading fastly 8-5. French spiker Kevin Le Roux entered the court and gave strength to his side to continue with the advantage of 16-10. Maxime Poyer brought oxygen to the French connection and they lead without obstacles to win 25-13.

In the fourth set, Poland rebuilt their self leading 9-7 and 12-8 with somes changes coach Karol Janaszewski made. The second technical time out was for Poland 16-12 with an outstanding Karol Klos and setter Fabian Drzyzga. French reaction was also remarkable drawing 19-19, but not enough to stop the 25-21 victory forcing a tie breaker.

The fifth set was electrifying. Both teams went point by point until France got the lead 8-5. But Poland with high spirit tied up the action 8-8 with efficient blocks and attacks. Then a row of draws until France took the leadership 12-10 due some Polish mistakes. The match point arrived via captain and setter Toniutti with a strong serve that gave France the 15-10 victory. The match lasted 104 minutes and Earwin Ngapeth emerged top scorer of the match with 22 points.