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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Iran found their way beating Brazil 3-1 (25-15, 22-25, 28-26, 25-20)

Iran celebrates their victory over six time world champion Brazil

The first set began with the Iranian power that let the Asian champions surprisingly top Brazil 8-3 through the spikes of Ghiasi Motjaba and Farhad Ghaemi. After that Brazilians had a positive reaction thanks spikes and services of Mauricio Silva to short the distance 9-10. Then Iran Alireza Jadidi and his blocking were outstanding and the Asian team was completely dominant 16-10 also by the defense of libero Golmohammad Sakhavi. Iran insisted with good attack tools and won easily the set 25-15.

The second set was a very tough one for Brazil as Iran players improved even more their block and attack, but the six time world champions also have their weapons through Aurelio Figuereido and Levi Cabral to lead 8-3 and 16-9. The sets of captain Murilo Radke also cooperated with the South American team, until Iran tried to destroy the receiving of their opponent by strong well-aimed serves shorting the difference 17-16. But Brazilians could regenerate their teamwork quickly and took the set 25-22.

Like the previous set this third was again leaded by the South American team 8-6 with Guilherme Koepp and Isac Santos in the court. But Iran and the force of Farhad Ghaemi draw 8-8 and continued determinate to succeed coming from behind to lead 16-14. The match entered into an emotional period with a rally of draws in 17, 18 and 19 points until Brazil lead 22-20 with a great spike of Tiago Wesz. Showing strong spirit Iran draw in 24, 25 and 26 and won the set 28-26.

But Brazilians tried hard save the match and go to a tie breaker. This set went much tied until Iran led 8-7 and 13-10. Then Brazilian coach Antonio Lerba tried to wake up his players without luck because Iran still led 16-13. Brazil was living a nightmare and nothing changed as the Asian team reached the match point and won 25-20.