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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
India won Pool A with 3-0 mark

Lalit Kumar of India hitting against Mexico

A disguise play by setter Barajas gave Mexico the lead 8-7 in the first set and both teams continued playing very close in the scoreboard. Behind 14-15, Indian Mandeep Singh spiked for the tie and Mexican Noriega’s attack was long. Evened at 17-all, Arriola failed serving and Girigoud hit one spike for the India advantage 19-17. Following one Indian error, Petris had one ace for the tie at 19-all. Mexico took a one-point lead (22-21) via one kill by Manzo, but India scored twice in a row with Girigoud and Singh. Noriega produced the tie for Mexico and Kumar responded only to see Arriola equalling the score at 24. Kumar sent India again to the lead 25-24, but Petris not was about to fold. Arriola again missed his serve but Petris was in there for Mexico. Girigoud and Manzo traded shots and Barajas let the serve in the net. Noriega responded for the host team and Singh followed with a heavy shot. Finally a block by Girigoud gave India the win 30-28.

Mexico erased a three-point deficit (3-6) and came out ahead 8-6 at the first pause of the second set behind the spikes of Noriega and Manzo and one ace by Arriola. The route to the second technical stop was full of errors from both sides with some scattered bright moments provided by Mexican Petris and Mexico stayed ahead 16-13. Then it was the time for the Indian comeback to tie at 19-all via Kumar and Navjit Singh. Manzo and Yoez gave Mexico the lead 22-20 and Ruiz served long before Noriega spiked from the left side and a 23-21 Mexican advantage. Manzo served into the net and Kumar tied it at 23-all when Mexico called a time-out. Mexican Yepez hit one in the middle for set-point but Girigoud tied it at 24-24. Manzo and Kumar exchanged spikes and Noriega sent Mexico to one-point distance. Manzo closed it from the left side 27-25.

In the third set, India took a commanding 8-2 lead behind the spikes of Mandeep Singh and Kumar. Mexico cut the lead to 14-10 with one ace by Manzo following spike by Noriega, but Indians Singh and Kumar restored the six-point gap at 16-10. The Mexican Yepez scored when the action resumed but the Indian Mandeep scored also, also via spike and ace for an 18-11 gap. The rest of the action was dominated by India with Naveen Raja leading the attack for a 25-15 win.

India entered the fourth set with a bang leading 5-0. Balwinder Singh served two aces after Mandeep Singh started with one spike and Girigoud blocked. Navjit Singh killed for the 8-4 difference at the first technical stop. It was Mandeep with one ace and two spikes who led the Indian assault going to the second stop at 16-9. India finally ended winning 25-16.