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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Russia scored a major comeback to eliminate USA

The Russian blocking was very important for the victory

The high blocking of USA was a key factor for the 8-4 lead in the first set. Tyler Jaynes had two blocks and Austin Ellis one in that stint. The Americans built a 16-11 distance going to the second stop with team effort and good defence at the net. Clark Carson Clark and Murphy Troy led the American the rest of the way and USA won 25-17.

Russia started with one ace by Yashchishin and one spike by Burtsev but the Americans came back with the inspiration of Bradley Lawson to lead 8-6 at the first pause. USA continued to play good defence at the net and extended the lead to 16-12 with Carson and Austin providing points while blocking. One ace by Moskvin cut the gap to 18-15 but then he served and spiked too long for an American lead of 20-15. Yashchisin and Murphy exchanged shots and Medvedev blocked but gave away a serve. At 22-17, Shcherbinin scored out of sync and setter Kauliakamoa committed a net violation. Within three points Russian Bezrukov served long and Ellis killed for a 24-19 score. Moskvin save the first set-point but Murphy responded with a killing off the block from the right corner and a 25-20 win.

The Americans had the lead at 8-6 in the third set. Murphy spiked and served around a disguise play by setter Kauliakamoa for the difference. Russia tied at 11-all with three consecutive spikes by Burtsev and went ahead 13-12 carried by a torpedo f rom Yashchishin. Russia led 16-15 at the second pause. Clark tied for USA but Moskvin responded from the Russia side. Moskvin and Burtsev gave Russia a three-point advantage (20-17) when USA called a time-out. Two successive spikes by Jaynes closed the score at 20-19 and Russia called a time-out. Troy committed an error in volleying but the spiked one followed by another American error. Ellis spiked but Clark served long. Troy again scored to shorten at 23-22 but also served long for Russian set-point. The set finished 25-23 for Russia with errors from both sides.

In the fourth set, Russia went ahead 8-5. USA tied at 10-all with one ace by Bourne but Russia recovered with a block by Shcherbinin. The Russians extended at 14-12 when Connolly came in to serve long but Troy spiked and Kauliakamoa followed with one ace. Then Yashchishin scored for Russia and one American error stretched the score 16-14 for Russia. The Russian continued their hot streak and led 21-15 with the offence by lefty Moskvin. Russia won 25-18.

Russia took a 5-2 lead with two spikes of Burtsev and a pair of blocks by Shcherbinin. Ellis scored for USA and Troy served one ace to shrink the gap to 5-4. Troy then served long and Russia led 6-4 but Kauliakamoa scored on a tricky set disguise. At 7-5, Clark and Moskvin exchanged shots and Russia was in front 8-6 at the change of sides. Yashchishin served long but Medvedev hit one for Russia. Clark shortened the distance with a shot and then USA tied at 9-all with a soft spiked of Ellis. At 10-10, Burtsev spiked solidly but went on to serve long for an 11-11 even score. Troy served long for USA but Ellis continued to produce. At 12-all, Yashchishin and Jaynes traded shots, and then Yashchishin and Shcherbinin each shot rockets for Russia to win.