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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
China came from behind to beat Argentina

Chen Ping attacking against Argentina


With both teams playing excellent defence, Argentina took the lead 8-7 with Conte as the main attacker. The South Americans expanded the lead to 16-12 when China seemed to slow down its defence. The action resumed with China revitalized shortening the distance to 19-18 with spike by Wang and ace by Fang prompting a time out by Argentina. China tied at 19-all with spike by Wang and then Argentina answered with spike by Conte and block by Crer. China then evened the score with spike by Chen Ping and one error opponent. Aschemacher sent Argentina in front 24-23 but setter Li scored on a disguise play. Conte spiked one from the left side for the lead 25-24 and the next Chinese killing attempt was long and Argentina won 26-24.

Argentina jumped to a 4-0 lead with ace by Uriarte and block by Crer forcing a china time-out. Argentina led 8-3 at the first pause. The South Americans were in front 13-6 when China sparked a three-point rally led by two spikes of Fang and one ace by Chen forcing a time-out by Argentina. Falco responded and after a Chinese wide attack, Crer scored with a soft spike for a 16-10 advantage. Spike and block by Hruby sent Argentina to a 18-11 lead and Ronda continued with point 19. Behind 20-13, China had spike by Chen and ace by Huang but Argentina compensated via Ronda and Hruby. Falco finished the set (25-16) with a pushed hit off the Chinese wall.

In the third China regrouped and played better defence in the early part good enough for an 8-5 lead. China expanded the distance to 11-6 with consecutive spiked by Chen and Fang and Argentina called a time-out. Things did not improve and when China was in front 14-7 after a block by 10, the South Americans called for another time-out. China reached the second pause in front 16-10 but then Argentina started to climb back on the shoulders of Bruno and came within one-point at 22-21 and 23-22, but Chen was not going to let this one slip out of their hands and hit three clutch spikes keeping the distance and finally dishing out the victory to China 25-23.

Chen and Bian sent China to the lead 8-6 to begin the fourth set. Conte sparked an Argentinean rally to tie the score at 10-all, but China recovered through Bian and Hang for a 12-10 lead. When Aschemacher put Argentina within one point at 14-13, Chen hit a rocket. China led 16-14 at the second stop. Argentina tied at 16-all with spike by Crer and error by Chen while volleying, but Huang killed twice for an 18-16 advantage. Argentina’s Hruby hit a bomb to close his team 19-18 but Li again scored on a disguise setting and Huang followed with one ace while Cheng blocked for a 22-18 advantage. Kou scored point 23 of China, and at 23-20 Chen hit one wide cutting the distance to 23-21. One Chinese error touching the net sent the score 23-22, but Argentina committed a mistake. At 24-22, Conte hit a huge spiked but Chen won the set with a similar shot 25-23.

Uriarte and Cren traded points with Fang and Bian for a 2-2 tie. Two mistakes by China and a block by Hruby gave Argentina a 5-2 advantage. Huang hit for China but Hruby answered back. Chen scored twice but Hruby offered Argentina an 8-5 lead when teams changed sides. Bruno extended the lead to four points at 9-5 and Huang smashed one down the middle. Conte hit one too long and Fang blocked to shorten the gap to one-point (9-8). Bruno was rising to the occasion and hit one from the left side but Chen did it for China. Then Chen served into the net and Argentina led 11-9. Kou spiked down the right and Conte touched one wide for a tie at 11-all. Conte killed from the left for a 12-11 margin and Huang tied up the score at 12. Chen gave China the lead at 13-12 with a thunder down the middle. A Chinese defensive confusion created a new tie at 13-all and Conte served long for match-point. Bruno hit one wide by short margin and China won 15-13.