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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Belgium qualified to the top-eight round

Kevin Klinkenberg of Belgium hitting against Tunisia

Two blocks by Verhees and spike and block from Van den Dries gave Belgium a comfortable 8-2 lead in the first set. The Belgians led 16-9 at the second stop despite some good blocking by Tunisian Chokri Jouini. Van Hirtum scored with spikes the last two points of the European side. The Belgians seemed to relax a little and allowed Tunisia to cut the distance to 18-13, but Van Hirtum picked up the slack. At 20-13 Jouini scored two in a row, but Vande Voorde hit one down the middle and Van Hirtum and Klinkenberg followed the example. Seconds later Belgium won 25-15.

In the second set, Belgium relied on the high blocking of Van den Dries and Van Hirtum to take an 8-5 advantage. At 9-8, Klinkenberg scored two consecutive shots from the right side for a breath. When Tunisia persisted, it was Klinkenberg again who responded with spike and ace, and finally Van Hirtum and Van den Dries scored the last two points prior to the second stop at 16-13. From that point on, the threesome of Van Hirtum, Klinkenberg and Van de Voorde each had two points for the 25-18 win.

The early stages of the third set were plagued by errors from both sides and Belgium took the lead 8-6. The second technical time-out found Belgium leading 16-10 with not many interesting actions except for a couple of powerful spiked by Van den Dries and Verhees. At 17-10, Karoui and Jouini hit consecutive spikes and Van den Dries attacked wide to narrow the score at 17-13. Then, Van den Dries compensated with a bomb. Spike and ace by Kruyner and Van Hirtum gave Belgium a 22-14 advantage and Verhees continued with a block. Finally Belgium won 25-17.