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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Tunisia prevailed over Mexico in a five-set battle

Ismael Moalla produced the last two points of the Tunisian victory

Both teams fought closely in the early part of the first set with Tunisia leading 8-7 relying on the spikes and serves by Chokri Jouini and Mexico battling on the shoulders of Juan Arriola. The same battle continued toward the second technical time-out but this time with Mexico in front 16-14. Tunisia shortened the distance to 18-17 when Jouini landed one in the Mexican side but Leonardo Manzo restored the two-point advantage. Elyes Karamosly’s spike and ace by Jouini produced the tie at 20-20, but Manzo hit one bomb down the right side. Ben Masour hit one followed by one ace by Karoui for a Tunisian advantage at 22-21. Yepez tied it agin but Karamosly gave his side a 23-22 lead and finally the Africans won 25-23 with spike and block from Kallel and Ben Jamma.

Arriola and Yepez carried Mexico to an early lead 8-4 in the second set. Tunisia slowly came back to tie the score at 12 and it took some solid kills by Karamosly and Jouini. Evened at 14-14, Kallel blocked and Moalla killed for a Tunisian lead at the second technical time-out. The Africans maintained the two-point margin at 19-17 with another spike by Jouini and Mexico called a time-out. Tunisia added to the lead via a block by Kallel and expanded it to 23-19 and 24-20. Mexico reacted cutting the gap to 24-23 with pair of spikes by Petris and ace by Noriega and tied up with a block by Petris. A long attempt by Tunisia sent Mexico to the lead, and the attack of Rezgui was long and the host team won 26-24.

Jouini and Kallel led Tunisia to an 8-3 margin with the defence of the African at the net very tight. Tunisia was in front 13-6 when Mexico called a time-out. Manzo hit a hard one when the action resumed but Karamosly hit one very similar and Tunisia reached the second pause leading 16-8. The difference was still of eight points at 22-24 when Mexico started a comeback sparked by Noriega. Arriola reduced the gap to 23-20 and Noriega hit one ace forcing a Tunisia time-out at 23-21. Arriola spiked one off the block and Tunisia benefited from an opponent error. At 24-23 Kallel killed one for the Tunisian win 25-23.

Tunisia captured an 8-5 advantage in the fourth set. The Mexicans stayed close but were failing badly with its serves. Karamosly hit one spike for a 14-11 lead but crashed his serve. Then Kallel spiked and Moalla failed serving. Petris responded for Mexico but Kallel produced the point 16 for the pause at 16-14. One pair of unforced errors by Tunisia created a tie at 17. Petris served long but Manzo hit two rockets for a Mexican lead 19-18. They extended it to 21-18 and Arriola spiked for a four-point margin 22-18. Jouinni and Yepez traded shots and Manzo hit a spike for the lead 24-19. Mexico eventually won 25-21.

Arriola broke a 2-2 tie with a strong attack and he added another down the middle for a 4-2 lead. Karoui and Karamosly tied the score and Moalla gave Tunisia the 5-4 advantage. Spike by Noriega tied at 5 and then he served long. A setting mistake by Barajas gave the Africans the margin 7-5 and Petris touched the net in the following play for an 8-5 lead of Tunisia. Kallel recorded a block and Petris kept Mexico in the battle. Moalla hit a cross-court from the left and Mexico attacked long for a 10-7 score. Jouini and Noriega exchanged kills, and then it was Jouini again producing one for Tunisia. Noriega attacked from the left (12-9) and Karamosly hit one out for Mexico to cut the distance at 12-10. Jouini scored with a touch but followed with a foot-fault (13-11) when serving. Moalla produced the last two points for the 15-11 Tunisian triumph.