Friday, 7 May 2021
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"We were definitely too self-confident and underestimated Tunisia" says Peruvian captain

Tunisia’s captain Maroua Boughanmi: “First of all my congratulations to the Peruvian team. We definitely missed our chance in the first set, I think we played extremely well in the opening of the match, but then we felt the disappointment for not having finished the job. In the third set we tried to bounce back and we did our best”.

Her coach Ben Kaid Slim: “We knew that Peru has a very strong group of players, they are also very self-confident so we tried to take them by surprise, especially with a continuous variation of our services. We did quite well, we scored several aces but unfortunately in the decisive rallies of the set our lack of experience hampered us significantly. In the second set we were fully out of contention, but basically for psychological reasons, the girls were very disappointed after having missed their chance in the first set. I told them that they had simply to play at their best without having a look at the scoreboard and I think they performed quite well in the third set, still much better than in yesterday’s match against Turkey”.

Peru’s captain Vivian Baella commented: “I do not know exactly why we had such a bad start but for sure we can not afford ourselves such a struggle against much stronger opponents in the upcoming matches. I think we were a bit too self-confident and we underestimated Tunisia”.

Her coach concluded: “For sure we were too confident entering this match and the girls have to learn that any opponent deserves a lot of attention and respect. Moreover, I think that we have to re-consider a bit our warm up, as it took about 15-18 points before the girls were finally in shape and got into the match. I expect a tough match tomorrow against Turkey, it is an ambitious and strong team but we definitely want to finish the Pool in first place, this is very important also for the draw of the next rounds”.

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