Friday, 25 June 2021
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Germany head coach: "We tried to make the most of every chance we had to win the match, but we could not make it."

Germany head coach Stefan Brauer: “We played well in the first two sets. We lost control in the third set and could not come back in the fourth and fifth sets. We tried our best in the tough match against Mexico. We tried to make the most of every chance we had. Still, we failed to make it. I think my players performed well in this championship. Mexico also played well. They have good defence, powerful blocking and high spiking.”

Captain Anno Hoja: “We always fought hard when we played five sets. I think we played well, but it was still not good enough to win the match.”

Mexico head coach Ricardo de Jesus Nar: “It’s a competitive match with the similar level of both teams. We are lucky to end the championship with the win. As far as I’m concerned, Germany and Mexico have almost the same standard. Germany has good serves with solid defence. After we fly back home to Mexico, some of the players will take a long rest before gathering for training for future major competitions, while some will join the national women’s junior team to compete in the FIVB Women’s Junior Volleyball World Championship on our home soil later this month.”

Captain Xitlali Herrera: “It’s a tiring match. We lost control in some nervous moments. However, we are determined to come back for winning.”


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