Friday, 7 May 2021
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Mexican head coach: "The Chinese are very strong. Aside from speed, they have power and good reception."

Chinese head coach Wang Jiaqin: “Our blocking did not live up to my expectation. Mexico played much better than us. They displayed good volleyball skills. We did not play well although we were very determined to win the match against them, I’m disappointed with my girls’ form. It’s possible that we next take on Tunisia for the 13th-16th place, I don’t think Tunisia will be that strong. I believe we can beat them.”

Captain Yao Di: “We did not play well today. Although the following day will be a rest day, I don’t think we will have a chance to rest or go shopping. We have to train more for the remaining matches.

Mexico head coach Ricardo de Jesus Nar: “It’s a good match against China. They controlled the game well. However, I’m satisfied with my team’s form. China are very strong. Apart from speed, they also have a good reception and ball-control tactics. Among China and Japan we have already played, I think the match against China is more competitive. China are much taller and stronger.”
Captain Xitlali Herera: “We have to practise more for next matches. I think we still have some mistakes we have to learn and make them right.”   


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