Saturday, 4 December 2021
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Tunisian coach ponders future of his team

Ben Slimane, coach of Tunisia

Carlos Baos, Captain of Spain: “It was a long match, we did not start properly and that was why we did not manage to get the first set. Unfortunately we started getting worse during some moments of the match. We definitely could have played better."
Mahdi Sammoud, Captain of Tunisia: “After two defeats, it was fundamental to win a match. We can now relax mentally for a while, we lost two sets as we could not focus properly but we are now very happy as we managed to win this match.”

Ricardo Maldonado, Coach of Spain: “If we lost is definitely our fault. The Tunisian players gave their best during the entire match and we managed to get it. Winning this match would have been extremely important but I realize that sometimes we are somehow afraid of important moments of the competition. Our main problem is that we do not manage to maintain our concentration.”
Lotfi Ben Slimane, Coach of Tunisia: “First of all, I would like to say that I am very sad for the Spanish head-coach as I have always thought that the Spaniard team might have reached the best positions during this Championship. It was a fundamental game as Tunisia has always been underestimated on a world basis as regards to volleyball, today we showed that Tunisia is a great team and can go further.” 


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