Sunday, 5 December 2021
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Italy sends Argentina to second place in Pool E

Italian team recorded 14 blocks in the win

Sperandio, Fedrizzi and Vettori contributed to an 8-5 Italy lead in the first set. Sole and Ribone scored for Argentina with spike and ace and Italy responded with identical actions by Sperandio and Vettori. Lanza and Vettori hit spikes and one Argentinean error sent Italy to a 16-12 advantage at the second stop. When action resumed Lanza twice scored around an Argentinean error for a 19-12 difference. Petri scored and blocked for two more points and Lanza recorded one ace. Italy won the first set 25-16.

Lanza scored with three spiked to give Italy the lead 8-7 in the second set. Petri and Sole exchanged blocks and Ribone served long for the two-point lead for Italy. Argentina tied with spike of Quiroga and service error of Italy. Block by Sole sent Argentina in front 15-14 but Vettori provided the tie score. Quiroga scored again and Argentina led 16-15. Vettori tied at 18-18. Vinti capped a long rally to give Argentina the lead again but Lanza answered from the other side. Sole blocked for 21-20 and Quiroga added one spike. Vettori responded with a bomb and Lanza hit a spike to even the score. Castellani hit one off the Italian block for 23-22 and Vettori tied it again. Lanza served out of bounds and Quiroga decided the set 25-23 with a well placed spike.

Vettori scored four points in the early stages of the third set and the block by Petri gave Italy the slight 8-7 lead. Vettori combined with spike and ace for a 13-11 advantage. Italy was in front 16-14 with a spike by Petri. Block executed by Fedrizzi extended the distance to 18-15 and Vettori added another block. Italy won 25-20 with Fedrizzi contributing the last point.

Argentina jumped to an 8-4 lead. Vaca,Vinti and Sole each contributing two points. Vaca served one ace and Ramos hit a spike for 10-5 advantage. Quiroga added another forcing a time out by Italy. The home team had a three-point rally ended by Ramos. Vaca added a well placed spike and Quiroga combined spike and ace for the Argentinean lead at 16-11. Vinti scored twice with spikes and Vaca added another for 19-11. One ace by Vaca capped the set at 25-13.

Lanza served into the net for a 1-0 Argentina lead. Vaca attacked out of bounds and Sperandio scored for the local team. Sole tied the score at 2-2 and Argentina took advantage of one opponent’s error. Italy tied with Sperandio and Vettori’s spike provided the lead. At 5-3 Sole missed with his spike and Vettori served long. Fedrizzi gave Italy a 7-4 advantage and Vinti answered from the other side. Vaca then landed his serve into the net and Italy led 8-5. Petri scored with a block forcing a time out of Argentina. Vinti scored for Argentina and one spike by Lanza put the score 11-6. Vettori produced point 13 and then attacked too long. Argentinean Ribone hit one out of bounds and Sole scored for 14-9. Vettori attacked too wide. Finally Vettori gave Italy the win 15-10.





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