Monday, 17 January 2022
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Brazilians with more impact

Strong block: Otavio (r) and Eykman (BRA)
Brazil's coach Percy Oncken had drawn up at the start of the match vs. Algeria's captain Otavio Rodrigues again. That attacker was spared this time Lucarelli. The South Americans were well prepared for the second match in Pool H. In the block (6-3), attack (10-8), they were better than the opponent, when the attacker Raouf Nedjar (ALG) with five points was the most effective players. To hold little to Brazil from 25-16 set win.

In set two, the Algerians were better adjusted and were about 8-6 and 16-15 to 21-16 on the road to a record profit. Then came to Brazil Setter Augusto Santos back into the match and to service, which ushered in an impressive catch-up. Algerians had great problems in receive, so their play could not build more, so that Brazil managed to point to point. Raouf Nedjar was also no longer as effective and failed several times on the brazilian block. Nine points in the series ended with a 25-21 record for Brazil. The last point makes Otavio.

In the third set, it finally clicked with the hoped-set win for the team coached by Abdelhakim Djehiche. From 7-7 the Algerians went to them and built their 10-7 lead on 16-11, 20-14 to 24-20 from. The first of four setpoints Abdelhafid Benkahoul at a premium awarded out of bounds, the second Soufiane Hosni with an attack into the net (24-22). Then Addou Zakarya caused by a successful attack for the point at 25-22.

But with the loss of the set was awakened once more the motivation of the Brazilian players. In just 19 minutes in the fourth set (25-14), they demonstrated their will to win. The last two point gain for Brazil Lucarelli completed with an attack and a lob to the baseline, which the Algerian Libero Amine Bouluiza could not reach.

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