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World League 2010
21st Edition

 RUS / Russia - Team Composition

Team manager ARTAMONOV Igor
Head coach BAGNOLI Daniele
Assistant coach ANTONOV Yaroslav
Doctor SMAKOTNIN Yaroslav
Therapist / trainer PIAZZA Roberto
Journalist TRISVYATSKIY Ilya
  No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Dmitriy Ilinykh Ilinykh 31/01/1987 201 92 338 330 Dinamo
  2   F  Semen Poltavskiy Poltavskiy 8/02/1981 205 89 360 338 Yaroslavich
  3 F  Dmitry Krasikov Krasikov 8/02/1987 202 93 349 330 Fakel
  4   F  Taras Khtey Khtey 22/05/1982 205 109 351 339 Belogorie
  5 Pavel Abramov Abramov 23/04/1979 200 87 347 336 Iskra
  6   F  Sergey Grankin Grankin 21/01/1985 195 96 351 320 Berlin
  C 7 F  Alexey Kazakov Kazakov 18/03/1976 217 112 358 344 Belogorie
  8   F  Denis Biriukov Biryukov 8/12/1988 202 93 352 324 Dinamo
  9 Alexey Cheremisin Cheremisin 23/09/1980 202 98 350 338 ZENIT Kazan
  10   F  Yury Berezhko Berezhko 27/01/1984 196 93 346 338 Dinamo
  L 11 F  Alexander Yanutov Yanutov 19/06/1983 195 103 335 315 Gazprom-Yugra
  12   Alexander Butko Butko 18/03/1986 198 97 339 327 Zenit Kazan
  13 F  Dmitriy Muserskiy Muserskiy 29/10/1988 218 104 375 347 Santory
  14   F  Anton Astashenkov Astashenkov 27/10/1981 204 105 361 328 LOKOMOTIV NOVOSIBIRSK
  15 F  Alexander Volkov Volkov A. 14/02/1985 210 90 360 335 Ural
  16   F  Sergey Makarov Makarov 28/03/1980 196 97 337 329 Kuzbass
  17 F  Maxim Mikhaylov Mikhaylov 19/03/1988 202 103 345 330 Zenit Kazan
  18   Dmitry Shcherbinin Shcherbinin 10/09/1989 205 95 350 335 Dinamo
  L 19 F  Valery Komarov Komarov 21/03/1980 187 85 311 306 Ural
 C=Captain  L=Libero    F Players selected for the final round in Argentina
Team profile

The USSR Volleyball Federation joined the FIVB in 1948 and in 1949 participated in the first Men's World Volleyball Championships sanctioned by the FIVB.

International competitions such as the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and World Cups continually saw the presence of the USSR’s Men's National Team.  They went on to gain worldwide recognition by winning three Olympic titles (1964-68 and 1980), six World Championships (1949, 1952, 1960, 1962, 1978, 1982), four World Cup golds (1965, 1977, 1981, 1991) and were European Champions 12 times.  

In 1993 after the fall of the Soviet Union the USSR National Team was renamed the Russian national team and that year they finished second in the World League Finals.

The Russians never lost their world volleyball preeminence after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1996 and 1997 the team finished third in the World League Finals and in 1998 they placed second.  1999 saw them regain the World Cup title and they took second in the European Championship. At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney the Russians captured the silver medal and second place in the World League Finals.

During the European Championships of 2001 the team took the Bronze Medal and another third place in the World League Finals.  2002 was highlighted by the Russian Team winning the World League Title and placing second in the World Championships.

In 2003 the team placed third in the European Championship. 2004 and 2008 saw the Russians take the Bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing accordingly. At the European Championship in 2005 the Russians captured the silver medal and then won the European League. At the 2006, 2008 and 2009 World League Finals the team took bronze. 2007 was a silver year for the Russians, since they took silver medals at the  European Championship, the World League and the World Cup.

Over the years, individual Russian players have been honored with many awards. Players such as Zaitsev, Savin, Antonov, Shkurichin, Fomin, Olikhver, Kuznetsov played on World All Star Teams in FIVB Gala matches and were recognized as the best in many official FIVB competitions. Many Russian players were recognized as the best in diverse competitions. For example; During the European Championship in 1999 SERGUEI TETYUKHIN was recognized as the best universal player.  At World Cup 1999 ROMAN YAKOVLEV won the award as the best attacker. World League 2002 saw PAVEL ABRAMOV win the prize as the best attacker, ALEXEY KULESHOV as the best blocker and VADIM KHAMUTSKIKH as the best server. ALEXEY VERBOV was the best Libero at World League 2006 and the best Digger at the 2008 Olympic Games.

The 2010 Russian National Men’s Team is comprised of players from the following Russian Super-League clubs: ISKRA Odintsovo, ZENIT-Kazan, DINAMO Moscow, LOKOMOTIV-BELOGORIE Belgorod, GAZPROM-YUGRA Surgut, YAROSLAVICH Yaroslavl, LOKOMOTIV Novosibirsk and FAKEL Noviy Urengoy.

Coach profile

VC  “Dinamo” Moscow – Main coach

Eight time Champion of Italy
Seven time Italian Cup winner
Twice Cup Winner
Five time European Cup & Champions League Winner
Five time Supercup of Italy Winner
Twice CEV Cup Winner

Born in October 25, 1953 in the Province of Mantua, Italy

Began coaching as the Main Coach in 1980 in “Caravel” (Mantova) (B)
1980-1990 - The team achieved A1
1991-1992 worked with the National Team, later only with Italian teams
First champion title – Italian Cup 1994 (“Modena”)
In 1997-2007 (break in 2000/2001) - Main coach of “Sisley” (Italy)

Since 2007- Main coach of “Dinamo” (Moscow)
Champion of Russia 2008
Supercup Owner 2008
Russian Cup Owner 2008


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