Friday, 14 May 2021
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One great Volleyball atmosphere and one small miracle for Russia

7,000 people created a magnificient atmosphere in the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna
Silvano Prandi, coach of Bulgaria:
Congratulations to Russia for qualifying and the quality Volleyball they presented tonight. I have a lot of concerns about the quality of our play. We lacked a lot of important elements. The level of our serve is very bad, not competitive at all. In attack we also have a lot of problems. We have to improve these elements at least. I have to get my players to be confident in the upcoming World Championship qualifications. A big thank you to the crowd - magnificient, unique, great supporters.
Plamen Konstantinov, captain of Bulgaria:
Congratulations for Russia for the great volleyball they have presented tonight. Yesterday they were a little bit concerned, today they have shown a great motivation and confidence. They gave us no chance. It would better if we could finish with a victory - at least on psycological point of view. We try to win over the better teams but I think that the problem is we underestimate the middle level teams. That happened with Japan this year, with Finland last year and many times before.
Daniele Bagnoli, coach of Russia:
Today a small sport miracle happened. This victory is a child of Italy's loss of points against China. Today my team show a great spirit and ability for a quality volleyball. Psycological level was the best and we have shown that even under pressure we may be a good team. If Italy won everything it would be a different match today. Many thanks for the magnificient atmosphere in the gym - the crowd was incredible.
Sergey Tetyukhin, captain of Russia:
I would like to express a huge gratitude for the fans tonight - both Bulgarian and Russian. Great atmosphere both days. It is a pleasure to play in conditions like that. We wanted this victory desperately and we were aiming towards it. It is a step towards finding our best level. Finally our motivation was better than Bulgaria's.

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