Thursday, 13 May 2021
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A victory for strenthening the mentality

Great volleyball shown by Simon and colleagues from the both teams
Silvano Prandi, coach of Bulgaria:
We didn't play very good this match. We began difficult. Cuba played very well at serve. Volleyball is not only serve but it beggins with it and it is important. 1st set they served and we did not play. In the secont part we started improving our play and it become exciting for us and the crowd. We are glad. This match was to improve our mentality and brought back our self confidence.
Plamen Konstantinov, captain of Bulgaria:
It is important to win a match as this one and get out of a hard situation. We gave the initiative to Cuba at beginning. Their serve was the best weapon. Then we changed our face - from losers to victors. This was the most important win for us from this match. Even that the chances for going to World League finals are small, it is most important for us to finish the best way. This would be the way we will start in the Wolrd Championship qualifications.
Orlando Samuel, coach of Cuba:
I agree that Bulgaria played a good match today. They started week and we killed them with our strong serve. In the second set they started to improve their play but we managed to close it. In the third they started to play well and deserved their victory. Congratulations and I hope we will play tomorrow better.
Aties Simon, captain of Cuba:
It was a great game today. Bulgaria played well after the first set. Tomorrow we must play better match. We will do our very best to win.

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