Friday, 14 May 2021
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Daisuke Usami: the players were told to fight for every point

Daniele Bagnoli took total responsibility for the loss

Russian Captain Sergey Tetyukhin: It is very painful defeat, especially since we almost lost our chances to go to the final round after it. I wish I could help my team but It was too risky to play with an injury. 

Russian player Yury Berezhko: The first set decided the game. Our service was terrible and we let Japan to gain the confidence. We are responsible for the defeat as we did a lot of unforced errors. It was our worst game I’ve remember so far.  But I gave all I could tonight.

Russian Head coach Daniele Bagnoli: I think nobody expected this kind of match after we won yesterday. Our errors in the decisive moments made the difference. Japan made even more mistakes according to the statistic but there were not crucial. Japan was better in counterattack and difence but it is one of the characteristic of this team. We are strong in other components. We usually rely very much on the service as we have one of the best servers in the would in our roster. But today we made eight service errors in the first set. That was different from yesterday’s match. This team needed Sergey Tetyukhin’s play  but I didn’t want to risk with his health.
I am totally responsible for the result of today’s match. If I had started with the yesterday’s lineup I am sure we would have won. But I decided to give a chance to some other players. It was my last opportunity to test them in the starting lineup. I let them play even if I knew there were far from the top of their form.  But I did it because I think we can make ten teams in Russia and all of them are able to win against the Japan national team.

Japan Captain Daisuke Usami: We didn’t believe in our win till the end of the match. It was very important to be concentrated from the beginning of the match  to the last point.

Japan Head Coach Tatsuya Ueta: We analyzed Friday’s match very well and made some changes in our game. We were prepared for the hard-fought match and the players were told to fight for every point, not to give up in any situation. The block and difence were key to our success. It’s a historical victory for us.



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