Friday, 14 May 2021
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Orlando Samuels: Age made the difference

Roberlandy Simon (#13) motivates his teammates

Russian head coach Daniele Bagnoli: "I want to congratulate Cuba for a great game. It is my fault that I couldn't motivate my team enough for today's match. Now I have to understand why we lost. There were some things in our game that I can't explain."

Russian captain Sergey Tetyukhin: "The Cubans deserved to win. Probably they wanted this victory more. But we were fighting. I think we lost because we didn't recover completely from yesterday's game."

Cuban head coach Orlando Samuels: "First of all I want to thank the Russian team for both games. It helped us to improve. This is a very important victory on our way to the Final Round. I think Russia wasn't playing at their usual level. I think they didnt recover completely from yesterday's game. Our players are younger and they recover faster. It made the difference today."   

Cuban captain Roberlandy Simon: "Yesterday's game was very tough. Both teams were well-prepared for it. Today we really wanted to take revenge and believed that we could do it. We were very concentrated. We were waiting for it and came to the game prepared. No matter what the score was, the game was not easy."   


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