Friday, 14 May 2021
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Daniele Bagnoli: we need to be more consistent

Russian Captain Sergey Tetyukhin celebrates a hard-fought victory over Cuba

Russian Head coach Daniele Bagnoli: This game showed us that we can play volleyball in a very high level as we did in a first set. But we need to become more consistent at this point. If I were the Cuban coach I would have been angry at the referees too. But this game shouldn’t be remembered because of the referees’ mistakes. I hope that the both teams will go to the Final Round. The Cuban team is stronger this year. They have a lot of young players whose immense talents are exploding just now.

Russian Captain Sergey Tetyukhin: The emotions were overwhelming like at the Olympic Games and tonight we had a strong believe in ourselves. The fifth set was the prove to it. Definitely there were some referee’s mistakes but we had nothing to do with it, we are just players.  Certainly this kind of matches are very important to us because they makes us stronger.

Cuban head coach Orlando Samuels: First set was very short as our team was unbalanced and had no rhythm probably because of the time-difference. Later on we got ourselves together, got adapt to the Russian game style. As a result we played better in the second and the third set. I am disagree with some referee’s decisions but this is something that we can’t control. But aside of everything the Russians played very well.

Cuban captain Roberlandy Simon:  I think we played good. But it felt like we were playing against everybody – the crowd, the team and the referees. Certainly we are very disappointed with the unprofessional referees. The results could have been different if not their several mistakes.


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