Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Prandi: I can't explain Bulgaria's poor run of form

Silvano Prandi hopes his team will rise to its true ability after a poor start in the World League

Silvano Prandi, coach of Bulgaria: "Congratulations to Japan. They played a good match. We played very poorly. When Japan came back, we continued with our poor performance. I don't know why, sspecially in the last set. We failed in so many easy situations. I hope it is a psychological situation but right now I cannot explain it. My apologies to the supporters. I have experience through the years with teams starting poorly with a new coach and technical staff and later, in a hard match, they break the chains and find their game again."

Andrey Zhekov, captain of Bulgaria: "After a defeat like this one it is hard to speak. We played our worst match in the World League this year. I take the responsibility for the bad start in the first set. We tried to get back into the match after that but it was too difficult already."

Tatsuya Ueta, coach of Japan: "Last week we had a hard opponent in Russia, who are 3rd in the world, and now Bulgaria, who is 4th. It is hard to play against teams like these. In Russia we were very poor in attack. In the first match here too. But today we managed to improve our performance. I believe the 3rd and 4th sets today were our best in this year's World League."

Daisuke Usami, captain of Japan: "I am happy that we won and with the way we played in today's game. All our players did a good job. Congratulations."


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