Odelvis Dominico Speek


Odelvis Dominico Speek comes across as a quiet unassuming character but once he reaches the Volleyball court it is quite the contrary.

The 205cm 27-year-old from Havana is a big strong character on court and pacts plenty of firepower with a blistering right handed serve/spike.

Despite having started international Volleyball at a relatively late age (24) compared to his teammates, Dominico Speek has become part of the new generation of male Cuban players who are blossoming into one of the most exciting teams on the international stage.

While efficient on attack, it is at the block where Dominico Speek is making a name for himself as Pimienta Allenís main defensive partner and with a 2002 World Championship and three World League campaigns already under his belt, he is fast cementing his position in that crucial role.