Nikolay Ivanov

The captain of the Bulgarian team ,Nikolay Ivanov, is both one of the nationís best players along with being one of its most experienced players. 

Only 192cm tall the 32-year-old started his career as a spiker with the Bulgarian club CSKA but soon developed into one of the best passers in the country. His sound defensive skills and lethal attacking arm have been prominent for
Bulgaria throughout his team with the team which included 15 games at the World Championship and six at the Olympic Games. 

Ivanov now plays for the Turkish club Arcelik and with his experience on the national and international stage he is one of the genuine leaders in the Bulgarian side.

Bulgaria having fallen off the pace a little in recent years compared to its glory days of the '70s and '80s, Ivanov is one who can and has the aim to lead this Bulgarian side back into some form starting with some good results during the 2004 World League.