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Press conference

France beat Czech Republic 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 25-22) - duration 1:27
17-May, start time: 20:07, end time: 21:34 - Attendance: 4,732

Dominique Daquin

It was a better performance than the first game. The difference was the relationship between the players, we served well and blocked well and very effectively. It worked really well tonight. Everyone adapted well to the task at hand and we also started a lot better tonight than in the first game.

There is a good feeling in this team at the moment, everyone can serve, everyone can block.

We are looking forward to our next match against Japan where we will keep the same 12 players.

Czech Republic

Coach Pavel Rerabek.

I don't want to comment on our protest until we have watched the video and studied the foot positions of the French players.

We are still looking for a starting six, a team that will win and we are looking at every position at the moment. We are also looking forward to having another player back who has been playing in the German and Brazilian leagues.

France were better prepared for this match but I think we will be better prepared for the return match.

Captain Ivo Dubs

We played better tonight than in the first game, both mentally and physically. It was very hard tonight, we didn't play very well but we played OK.