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Press conference

Greece beat Japan 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-16) - duration 1:18
16-May, start time: 21:00, end time: 22:18 - Attendance: 2,160
Stelios PROSALIKAS (Head Coach, GRE): "I am very happy for the result on this opening day of the World League. As much because we didn't waste too much of our energy, as because we didn't drop a set. Taking into consideration the events of the past days, with our qualification to the finals of the European Championships and the relaxation of the team that followed, as well as the absence from the team of Todor Baev, I am satisfied; satisfied by the performance of the starting lineup, as well as by the help that players off the bench gave us in the second set. Tomorrow's match will be more difficult for us".

Marios GIOURDAS (Team Captain, GRE): It is very important to begin a competition with a victory and this had been our goal all along. We expect Japan to be much better tomorrow. They have the players and the experience to improve their performance --but we too will play better tomorrow".

Mikiyasu TANAKA (Head Coach, JPN): "Greece played better than we expected. They were much better than last year. Our team had mental ups and downs and Greece's reception and defense was very good, not allowing us to play as we can. We have been together in preparation for the World League for only five days and we expect to improve as the competition unfolds".

Shigeru AOYAMA (Team Captain, JPN): "It was my first international match this year and we didn't play as well as we can. Greece was very competitive and we need to re-organise ourselves for tomorrow's match".