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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Netherlands 3-1 (34-32, 23-25, 25-20, 25-18) - duration 1:40
28-Jun, start time: 20:07, end time: 21:47 - Attendance: 7,050
Final Victory for the Team of Serbia and Montenegro.
Both teams started nervously, Serbia and Montenegro, because that is their style, and Netherlands because they wanted to go out with this, the last match of the Intercontinental Rounds, on a high note.
Netherlands went all out to win the first set, taking note of what they had learnt in the first encounter. At the same time Serbia and Montenegro lacked a little concentration and the Dutch seized the opportunity and looked like they were going to succeed. Then the Blues deployed young Janic and Vasic to settle the result in their favor after the 30th point and polished off the set in their favor 34:32.
The second set started with long rallies and while Serbia and Montenegro seemed to be on their limit at times, the Dutch used every chance to secure points. They were effective in the attack, especially with van de Loo, who evaded the normally solid block of Serbia and Montenego. Indeed Netherlands took just 23 minutes to pull back and level at 1-set all.
Serbia and Montenegro then solidified their triple block and looked a newer and a fresher side. At the same time the Netherlands defense started to flag and they failed to gather enough speed to shut out the very eager Vladimir, Janic and Vasic, there in place of Miljkovic.
In spite of their youth, the Dutch Team showed a high level of proficiency in tactics and moves, while Janic, for Serbia and Montenegro, also displayed his talent, often catching the Dutch on the hop. A series of errors at the end of the third set, however, gave it to the host team.
Netherlands again took the lead in the fourth set, but young Janic was instrumental in turning the tide in favor of Serbia and Montenegro. For Netherlands Van de Loo, supported by Maan gave good service, but Serbia and Montenego contered with excellent attacks by Vladimir and Vasic to wrap up the match.