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Match Descriptive

Bulgaria beat Netherlands 3-1 (22-25, 25-23, 25-21, 25-20) - duration 1:42
06-Jun, start time: 19:37, end time: 21:19 - Attendance: 1,500
Powerful Bulgaria send the Netherlands packing
It is another huge result from the strong Eastern European team. Lacking in stars but making up for it with team work and determination Bulgaria had the best of the start of the match against the Pool C leaders and it set the theme for the rest of the match.
In the first set Bulgaria led at both technical time outs 8-6 and 16-13 but courtesy of some fine serving from the Dutch ace Schuil, the scores were leveled at 18-18 before the Netherlands took the first set courtesy of some excellant play from Nummerdor and Gortzen.
The Netherlands' advantage continued in the second set as they quickly ran up a two-point lead through the excellent spiking of Schuil but then Vladimir Nikolov (Bulgaria's top scorer) led the way with four powerful service points bringing Bulgaria back into the match. With Bulgaria leading again at 16-14 at the second technical time out the Dutch gamely tried to hang on infront of their hoime fans but they couldn't neutralize the powerful play of Bulgaria, who quickly leveled the game 1-1.
With the match tied up, the Netherlands tried to put more pressure on the service so that Bulgarian captain Nokolay Ivanov couldn't use his middle attackers. However instead of taking charge of the match it still was Bulgaria that countered the Dutch services. Evgeni Ivanov led his team through the last part of the third set and early into the fourth by wonderful serving and offensive play, taking Bulgaria to a monumental victory.
Bulgaria's consistency and power was instrumental in another huge win for a side, which is fast becoming one of the most dangerous sides in the competition.