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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Bulgaria 3-2 (26-24, 23-25, 25-22, 18-25, 15-13) - duration 2:06
30-May, start time: 20:00, end time: 22:06 - Attendance: 4,600
Serbia and Montenegro triumph after tough encounter with Bulgaria
The first at home match for Serbia and Montenegro was a battle of attrition from the opening whistle in a game characterized by excellent rallies and good blocking. Serbia and Montenegro were 16-13 in front at the second TTO. Then the home team delivered a series of well conceived passes and good concentration but Bulgaria came back strongly to challenge them at 24-24 and swords were drawn for a battle royal. Serbia and Montenegro then clinched the next two points and went one set up.
Bulgaria excelled in the second set with good reception and blocking but some inspired aces from Vanja Grbic gave them the lead at the first TTO. Again Bulgaria came back strong, exhibiting a strong passion to win. Tension rose on both sides of the net as the lead switched back and forth before Bulgaria took the lead and with good defense leveled the sets 1-all.
The "Blues" turned up the heat in the third set with "Ivan the Terrible" Miljkovic delivering his characteristic missles and blocking effectively and in unison with Geric. Bulgaria were far from defeated and Konstatinov and Ivanov combined well to try to turn the score around. it was Serbia and Montenegro though that took the set 25-22 after a string of service errors on both sides.
Bulgaria looked very confident in the fourth set and Ivanov showed his best on the block.Again a strng of service errors by both sides allowed the score to change hands frequently. The Blues began losing points in the block and struggled with their reception and Bulgaria struck for a clear 25-18 victory to level the set score.
The home side gathered some strength for the fifth set, but the Bulgarian team was stubbornly two points ahead when Boskan came in to reverse Serbia and Montenegro's fortunes. With nhis help they extinguished a four point lead by the Bulgarians and left the court victorious. The rematch is on Sunday night.