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Press conference

Cuba beat Bulgaria 3-1 (25-20, 17-25, 25-23, 25-22) - duration 1:45
28-Jun, start time: 20:47, end time: 22:32 - Attendance: 6,537
Press conference:

Kijac Mirolad, head coach of the Bulgarian team, stated: The game was similar to others, but we did not play well tonight. We had a series of seven consecutive lost points in the first and third sets. It is unacceptable with two even teams playing and Cuba's good serve was key in the outcome of the match. I am not content with the referees' work today, but I want to congratulate Cubans for their much better peformance.

Eliseo Ramos, head coach of the Cuban team, stated: After a poor performance last night when we did not play as aggresively as expected- we were convinced we had to play more aggresively against a good team as Bulgaria. We attacked harder and were able to weaken ou rivals' attack, especially in the central part of the court. They have a good spikers in zone three and a excellent setter. Their reception failed today and ours did last year.

Nikolay Ivanov, captain of the Bulgarian team, stated: We played a very bad game and we faced a lot of problems in the reception. We did not respect our rivals initially and overall our play was desintegrated. I would like to congratulate the Cuban team as they played much better today. They were more aggresive seving and that determined the loss.

Pavel Pimienta, captain of the Cuban team, said: We were a totally different team today. After playing our worst game the previous day, we recovered our aggresive performance and it paid off. The World League is over for us and I believe we have made made a step forward. We hope to improve next year and I wish the best to Bulgaria in the final round and I hope they achieve their goals.