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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Cuba 3-1 (25-20, 22-25, 25-19, 25-13) - duration 1:40
27-Jun, start time: 20:47, end time: 22:27 - Attendance: 6,724
Press conference:

Kijac Mirolad, head coach of the Bulgarian team, stated: "It was very important to win today and we have shown that our World League performace has been no fluke. We were able to preserve a winning rythm and spirit. We have also guaranteed a spot in the WL final in Madrid. "It was not a beautiful game today and our experience was key to win as we took advantage of our rivals' mistakes. We hope to have a more disputed and interesting match and finish the qualifying round with three victories over each team".

Eliseo Ramos, head coach of the Cuban team, stated: "It has been the WL match in which we made the highest number of mistakes. The setting and reception failed today and Bulgaria performed much better. Bulgaria has an excellent setter and saved difficult situations. But our setters are both very young and we still need a good setter to become a good team".

Nikolay Ivanov, capitain of the Bulgarian team, stated: "Our team had to challenge certain unfavorable conditions such as a long trip and the weather. That affected our rythm. Apart from the second set, when we did not respect our rivals, we basically dominated the match. Experience prevailed over youth, but I am impressed by Cubans, a youthful, talented team with a great future".

Pavel Pimienta, capitain of the Cuban team, said: "Inexperience affected us tonight and I believe we played our worst game. We could not manage to play consistently and made many mistakes on court".