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Press conference

Russia beat Poland 3-0 (25-15, 25-20, 25-14) - duration 1:08
27-Jun, start time: 18:07, end time: 19:15 - Attendance: 3,100
Gennadi Shipulin
Head coach of Russian NT
We have strong competition for each position and I am glad to face problem like this. Though Russia is already in the final each player tries to show his best. It's great, I think. I am very impressed by the fantastic atmosphere of Dynamo arena. Many thanks to all people came to support us in this match.
Vadim Khamoutskih
Captain of Russian NT
We had some problems only during the first set. Then we began to play very emotionally and achieved great victory, I think. I am very satisfied with my teammates.
Valdemar Vspanialy
Head coach of Polish NT
I want to congratulate Russians to an unbelievable victory. We could not receive tough services of your players because it was impossible tonight.
Pavel Zagumny
Captain of Polish NT
We played very bad. We failed in all elements of the game. Mostly we were defeated by Russians in the second and the fourth positions.