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Press conference

Czech Republic beat Japan 3-1 (25-20, 25-22, 22-25, 25-22) - duration 1:48
14-Jun, start time: 15:07, end time: 16:55 - Attendance: 4,075
Q&A: RERABEK Pavel (CZE Head Coach)
It was an important victory especially because we had to travel a long distance and still are under time difference.
Q&A: IVO Dubs (CZE Captain)
Q: Kato showed up for the first time today and what was your Impression?
A: He raised the spirit of the Japanese team.

Q&A: TANAKA Mikiyasu (JPN Head Coach)
Q:What is your impression about today's game?
A: As for today's game, as it was the same with the last two games with Czech, we couldn't adjust well with their services.
Their services were not strong, but for some reason, we couldn't receive well and thus, caught by their blocks. Our unstable service reception was the biggest reason for our defeat today.

Q&A: KATO Yoichi (JPN Captain)
Q: What was your impression about todays' game?
A: Personally, I think I was able to do my job. As a team, mood was not good at the first set, however, having non-starting players from later half, we were able to make a good game. But I have to admit a defeat is a defeat.
Q&A: ABE Yuta (JPN setter)
Q: Is there any reason not using center players until the third set?
A: In many cases, there was a high block waiting, and I was confident that the both side attackers will get the points.
Q: What was your impression about todays' game?
A: The mood was not good when I was put into the court, I tryed to change that.
Q&A: NISHIDA Yasuhiro (JPN Player)
Q: What was your impression about todays' game?
A :I do not have a lot of experience for the national team. I am excited about playing in the national team. I would like to win tomorrow.
Q&A: KOSHIYA Akira (JPN Player)
Q: What was your impression about todays' game?
A: I think the reason for our loss today is just a little difference of the performance between Czech and Japan.
Till the midst of each sets, we were doing good, but the mistakes we made in the last part of each sets were crucial.