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Press conference

Italy beat Germany 3-1 (25-18, 19-25, 25-22, 31-29) - duration 1:52
08-Jun, start time: 15:04, end time: 16:56 - Attendance: 3,490
Andrea Giani (Captain Italy):
"Compared to yesterday the Germans played a lot better today. The replacements on both sides were good for the high level of the match. We are satisfied with the match and the result."

Gian Paolo Monatli (Coach Italy):
"I said already yesterday, the German team would be a lot better today. We started very tense and paid a lot of attention. In the beginning we played technically well, but in the end of the first set we forgot to play and to attack. We had to pay for that."

Wolfgang Kuck (Captain Germany):
"It was a match with a lot of fighting. Compared to yesterday we played a lot better and found our way of playing today. We used our strengths service and blocking very well. I am sorry that we didn't succeed in the fourth set, but we are on the right way."

Stelian Moculescu (Coach Germany):
"I have to congratulate my team, because they came back in the second set after the Italian team was such a strong opponent during the first set. However we failed because of the easy things: a bad set, an imprecise pass. We want to play faster, because you cannot win against teams like Italy if you just play high balls. Matches like today are a good way to improve."